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Lina Kara’in: First MEET woman accepted to MIT!

Lina Kara’in

Congratulations to MEET 2010 graduate Lina Kara’in, who became the latest MEET alum to be accepted to MIT. She will join MEET alumni Wissam Jarjoui ‘06 and Saher Ahwal ’08, who are currently completing their degrees at MIT.

Joining Lina in Cambridge next fall may be another 2010 MEET alum, Ala’a Siam, who was also accepted to MIT and is currently deciding between MIT, Stanford University and Princeton University.

Ala'a Siam

Ala’a Siam

Lina wrote this this about her motivations to become an architect and what it means for her to be accepted to MIT:

As a Palestinian woman, my world is characterized by walls and boundaries on one hand and the dreams, curiosity, and determination they foster in me on the other hand. One of my many dreams is to be an architect, to design better, smarter and more creatively, to add something to this world and proudly say: I did that! I want to leave an imprint on my community, and I believe that I do not need to be a politician to make a difference; as an architect I will help shape the way my community lives and thrives.

On the 1st of January 2011, I submitted my MIT application and waited patiently for the decision day, which is called “Pi” day at MIT since it’s on March 14th. The admission decision came out at 3:26 am, and I was so nervous I could barely type my password. I clicked the “Display decision” button and there it was:

“Dear Lina, On behalf of the Admissions Committee, it is my pleasure to offer you admission to the MIT Class of 2015…”

It was one of the happiest days in my life. I thank all my friends and family for their support and especially the MEET family, for I couldn’t have made it without them. MEET has opened my eyes to a new world of possibilities, a world I didn’t know existed before. MEET allowed me to meet people from different backgrounds and various cultures that I wouldn’t have met otherwise. I’ve learned so much more than computer science and business, I have learned to accept people from diverse backgrounds, to work with them and love each and every one of them. MEET gave me another family and a new home. Last but not least, a special thanks to Anat Binur for her generous assistance, patience, and for sharing her knowledge with me.

Congrats Lina and Ala’a!